What is a spice concentrate?

A Spice Concentrate is a healthy, versatile, plant-based cordial. Crafted by extracting flavour from delicious herbs and spices, these concentrates will allow you to create a range of drinks, from sodas, to lattes, to cocktails: A delicious, good-for-you drink starter.

Are Agora Spice Concentrates sugar-free?

Our Spice Concentrates balance the pungency of spices with a small amount of organic cane sugar.  The resultant percentage of sugar per mixed drink is approximately 2%.  Just enough to enhance the flavour without coming at the expense of your health.

What does plant-based mean?

It means exactly what you think it does – “A product derived from plant-based ingredients” – a fact that we’re very proud of.

Mixing ratio?

A mixing ratio of 1-2 parts Agora Spice Concentrate to 10 parts mixer, means Agora goes a long way. +/- 25 servings per 500ml.

Is sediment normal?

Sediment is your friend. It holds the majority of the nutritive value our products. It also clearly shows you that we are using real ingredients with minimal filtration.

Any alcohol?

All Agora products are 100% alcohol-free. With soda alone, these concentrates offer the complexity one would expect of a finely crafted mocktail, so you can enjoy a guilt-free evening drink. But that’s not to say we frown on the odd mixed drink. Add Agora Spice Concentrate to tequila, gin or rum for an elevated cocktail experience.

Shelf life?

3 months. Store in a cool, dark place. Please refrigerate once opened.

Why “Agora”?

The Agora, in ancient Greece, was a marketplace assembling the athletic, artistic and spiritual life in the city. It was a place where community members could seek exciting products and alternatives to the norm. This is what we hope to offer, with Agora Plant Based Beverages.