The Turmeric, Tequila Soda.

by Agora Plant Based Beverages – 12/01/2022

Think tequila lime and soda, but better. Refreshing, punchy, and light on calories.

Gather a mixing glass, serving glass, stirrer & strainer, ice, lime, thyme, soda water, turmeric concentrate, and a good reposado tequila.


  1. Take a nice sliver of peel from your lime then halve the lime ready for squeezing
  2. Prepare a tall glass with ice and a sprig of thyme.
  3. Throw several large blocks of ice in your mixing glass and add 30ml Turmeric Spice Concentrate + 50ml Reposado tequila. Stir well. Add 200ml of soda and a generous squeeze of lime. Mix again.
  4. Place strainer on the mixing glass and pour slowly over ice.
  5. Garnish with lime zest.