Dieline – Agora is offering to spice up your life
by Shawn Binder – 02/03/2021

Nobody wants to be in a position to question what is in their oh-so-delicious drink of choice. If it tastes that good, “ignorance is bliss” seems to be the best approach.

For this reason, Agora teamed up with Partners in Crime to develop a brand identity that would reflect the company’s ethos in a manner that was as transparent as the ingredients in their spice concentrates. The design team chose to use the principle of a 1:10 mix ratio to create the label. Alluding to the natural properties of the ingredients, the pastel color swatches for each of them is also a beautiful touch.

Agora is a drinks company focused on innovative extractions of plant-based ingredients to create limitless delicious and healthy alternatives to traditional beverages.

Agora has created a range of spice concentrates with the health-conscious consumer in mind. Designed to service the growing need for good-for-you alternatives to the otherwise unhealthy original.

Agora Spice Concentrates are formulated by extracting intense, rich flavors from real herbs and spices, allowing you to create a range of uniquely versatile beverages. So, whether it’s a latte, soda, or cocktail, Agora gives you the option to “spice” things up. 

You only need to add a 20ml splash of Agora Spice Concentrate to any 200ml of your desired base to create any number of delicious and unique drinks. With the 1:10 ratio in mind, the black band at the bottom of each bottle’s label makes up 10% of the label’s height. As the range grows for nut milks and other mixed products, the black band ratio adjusts accordingly.

Shawn Binder is a freelance writer, photographer, and director living in Los Angeles. He works as the Community Curator for ilovecreatives.com, where he connects incredible artists with work opportunities. His first collection of essays “Everything is Embarrassing” can be purchased on Amazon while he is currently writing the follow-up.